Air Leakage Control

Seal in Savings: Advanced Air Leakage Control for Enhanced Efficiency

Air Leakage Control

BluTek offers a comprehensive Air Leakage Control service, aimed at significantly enhancing the energy efficiency and comfort of your home or building. Leveraging insights from industry-leading resources, our service focuses on identifying and sealing air leaks, a critical step in preventing unwanted heat loss or gain. Through meticulous evaluation and targeted interventions, we help ensure your space is not only more energy-efficient but also more comfortable and cost-effective to maintain. For more detailed guidance on air leakage control, you can visit the Natural Resources Canada page here.

BluTek's Air Leakage Control service focuses on enhancing building energy efficiency and comfort.

Thorough Assessment:

Identifying air leaks using advanced diagnostic tools.

Energy Savings:

Reducing heating and cooling costs by improving building envelope tightness.

Enhanced Comfort:

Eliminating drafts and creating consistent indoor temperatures.


Contributing to environmental conservation by lowering energy consumption and emissions.

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