What is a Home Energy Evaluation?

An energy evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of the energy efficiency of  your home. It takes approximately 2 hours for our certified energy advisors to inspect every component that effects the home’s energy perfomance. The windows, mechanical systems, and insulation levels throughout the home are all taken into consideration in our inspection. During this process, we conduct a blower door air tightness test which allows us to uncover how much natural air leakage is occurring every day. The blower door airtightness test allows for identification all problem areas where air is escaping and entering the residence

Our thorough energy evaluations determine the amount of heat loss that is sustained from each component of the house. Our findings from the evaluation estimate the current energy consumption of your home and inform our recommendations to homeowners on how to improve energy efficiency through home improvements such as insulation additions and sealing leakage locations. The data collected during the evaluation is entered into an energy simulation program that generates an EnerGuide Rating for the house. This rating demonstrates the benefits of making the recommended energy upgrades to your house. We’ll also break down the most cost-effective upgrades in order of their importance so you can make the necessary improvements that fit your budget.

The team at BluTek is proud to offer the highest level of service to our clients and partners. We strive to deliver a detailed explanation of your home’s energy performance and will happily answer all of your questions in an easy to understand manner!

Home Energy Evaluations Can Reduce your Energy Consumption by 40% or More.

An energy evaluation report provides valuable information about your home, such as the overall heat loss calculation that can be provided to your heating contractor should you decide to replace your heating system. The findings from the evaluation allow you to make informed decision on the most effective improvements to make to increase the comfort of your home, decrease your energy bills and help to reduce your home’s impact on the environment!

Once the evaluation is complete, the homeowner is eligible for rebates on home improvements that improve energy efficiency. A great resource to browse available rebates through BC Hydro and FortisBC is available on our Grants and Rebates page. We ensure to make the application process for grants and rebates easy with offer complimentary consultation and assistance with the related paperwork!

After making the suggested improvements, our team of experts can verify that they meet the standards required for specific grants and rebates you would like to apply for. The energy advisor at your residence will visually verify your upgrades, and assist you with the related documentation and paperwork.

A great additional service to include when our team visits your home is  Infrared Thermal Imaging, which allows us to see behind the walls of your home to pinpoint any problem areas not visible with the naked eye.

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