CleanBC rebates

How to Apply for CleanBC Rebates

To apply for CleanBC rebates, follow these detailed steps:

1. Log In:

2. Initial Confirmation:

  • Select ‘No’ when asked if you have participated in the CleanBC Income Qualified Program.
  • Click “I have reviewed the requirements and collected the necessary documentation.”
  • Click “Next.”

3. Utility Account Information:

  1. Complete the following based on your information:
    • Electric utility provider
    • Electric utility account number
    • Postal/zip code
  2. If applicable, provide your natural gas utility account information:
    • Natural gas utility provider
    • Natural gas utility account number
  3. Confirm Utility Account Management
    • Select “Yes I am the utility account holder or authorized to manage the utility account.”
    • Click “Next.”
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