CleanBC rebates

How to Apply for CleanBC Rebates

4. Personal and Home Details:

  • Enter personal details: First name, last name, phone number, and email address.
  • Specify your home type (e.g., single-family detached, row/townhouse, duplex, mobile home, apartment, or condominium).
  • Provide additional home details: Year built, number of adults in the household, home size, address, city/town, and postal code.

5. Heating and Water Heating Information:

  1. Primary Heating Type Before and After Upgrades: You’ll need to select what types of heating systems were used in your home before any upgrades and what types have been installed as replacements. Here are the options you might see:
    • Natural gas furnace
    • Natural gas boiler
    • Natural gas radiant in-floor heating
    • Natural gas combined space and water heater
    • Electric boiler
    • Heat pump (air source, air-to-water)
    • Electric baseboard
    • Electric furnace-forced air
    • Tank propane furnace/boiler
    • Piped propane furnace/boiler
    • Oil furnace, oil boiler
    • Wood stove
    • Electric radiant in-floor heat
    • Electric radiant ceiling tiles
    • Other specific heating types as applicable
  2. Additional or Supplemental Heating: If you have additional heating systems that complement the primary heating, details about these should also be provided. Examples include:
    • Electric baseboard
    • Electric furnace
    • Oil forced air furnace
    • Propane forced air furnace
    • Wood stove
    • Gas radiant ceiling tiles
    • Natural gas fireplace
  1. Primary Water Heating Type Before and After Upgrades:
    Similar to the heating system, you will select the primary method of water heating before any upgrades and the system installed afterwards. Options include:
    • Electricity
    • Natural Gas
    • Heat pump water heater (air source, air-to-water)
    • Tank propane
    • Piped propane
    • Oil
  2. Confirmation of Selections:
    After entering all the heating and water heating information, you will need to click a confirmation that your selections are correct.
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