Optimizing Multi-Unit Residences: Energy Evaluations for Enhanced Living and Efficiency

Energy Assessment for MURBs

At BluTek Solutions, we specialize in providing comprehensive energy assessments for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs). Our certified energy advisors are equipped with the expertise and knowledge required to evaluate the complex energy systems and structures of MURBs.

Thorough Evaluations:

Our team conducts in-depth assessments of the entire building, including individual units, common areas, and central systems. We focus on identifying areas where energy efficiency can be optimized, from heating and cooling systems to insulation and ventilation.

Customized Recommendations

Based on our evaluations, we provide tailored recommendations aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing operational costs. Whether it's upgrading building insulation, windows, or implementing more efficient HVAC systems, our suggestions are designed to enhance overall building performance.

Compliance and Incentives:

Our assessments are not only crucial for ensuring compliance with local energy efficiency regulations but also for helping your MURB qualify for various energy-saving rebates and incentives. We guide you through the available programs and how to maximize your benefits.

Sustainability and Savings:

By optimizing your MURB’s energy efficiency, we help you contribute to environmental sustainability while also achieving significant cost savings in building operations over time.


In general, everything related to building envelope must be examined: Blower  door test to determine air tightness lever, insulation level(insure access to attic & crawl space), mechanical system characteristic, windows & doors characteristic, foundation characteristic, etc.

Please see our on-site assessment guide:

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Please see our Canada Greener Homes Grant Guide:

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It will be mailed to you by federal government along with your retrofit rebate.

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