Energy Audits for Existing Homes

At Bluek, our expert team of Registered Energy Advisors conducts comprehensive energy audits for existing homes, pinpointing areas for improvement to cut energy usage and costs. Our audits cover insulation, HVAC systems, windows, and more, providing you with a roadmap for cost-effective energy-saving upgrades. Plus, our service can help you qualify for valuable incentives like the Canada Greener Homes Grant and CleanBC Better Homes Rebate Programs. Take the first step to a greener, more efficient home today with Blutek Solutions.

For New Homes

At BluTek Solutions, we specialize in conducting comprehensive energy evaluations for new homes, focusing on the needs of builders, architects, and designers. Our service is not just about creating energy-efficient and sustainable living spaces, but also about ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, particularly the BC Energy Step Code. By incorporating our insights into your design, you can effectively manage construction costs while ensuring your project stands out in a competitive market. Eco-conscious buyers are increasingly drawn to homes with high energy efficiency, making our services a valuable asset in achieving market appeal and sustainable building practices. Trust BluTek Solutions to guide your project towards an energy-efficient and environmentally responsible future.

For Multi-Unit

BluTek Solutions offers expert energy assessments for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs). Our certified advisors specialize in evaluating and enhancing the energy efficiency of MURBs, covering everything from individual units to central systems. We provide practical recommendations for improvements, assist in compliance with energy regulations, and help you qualify for energy-saving incentives. Our goal is to improve your building’s energy performance, leading to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Blower Door Test

BluTek Solutions provides blower door testing to identify and address air leaks in your building, a key factor in improving energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Our testing helps in reducing energy costs, ensuring compliance with energy standards, and is essential for both pre and post-retrofit evaluations. Trust BluTek Solutions for accurate blower door tests that lead to a more efficient, comfortable, and sustainable building environment.

Air Leakage Control

At BluTek Solutions, we offer a comprehensive air leakage control service to enhance your building’s energy efficiency. Our service includes identifying and sealing leaks, which are critical for maintaining temperature control and reducing energy costs. By improving your building’s air tightness, we not only lower your heating and cooling expenses but also enhance indoor air quality and comfort.

Talk to us

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